The Orangedale Station will host the Right Some Good dining/entertainment extravaganza on Saturday August 27th. Please explore their website at A special 10% discount is available through July 31st using the code Friends10.

Aug 27, 2011

Orangedale Train Station – VIP Boarding
A once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of Canada’s railway history! Pack your bags for a VIP culinary experience in an iconic and lovingly restored train station the community saved from demolition. This incredible 125-year-old building celebrates the legacy of Canada’s railroad in Cape Breton. Located in the small farming and fishing village of Orangedale, founded by the Orangemen in 1886, this Victorian-era two-storey structure became the preferred stop for many passengers heading to and from northern Cape Breton. Be sure to arrive early to explore the station and the century-old caboose. Listen closely and you’ll hear the echo of the Rankin Family refrain, “Some things stay and some things go, but the Orangedale whistle will always blow.” More importantly, after your high end 5-course meal you’ll be entertained by the songs and stories of the talented Norma MacDonald. So, bring your appetite and a little bit of wanderlust to this travel-themed, premiere event! Meet our VIP Boarding Chef Vincent Masson now!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bill & Marilynn